Sunday, March 31, 2019

Chester County, PA with Genealogical and Biographical Sketches

p124: 1813-05-21, 97th Regiment incl. Captain James Alexander.
p129: 1814-08-26, Capt. John Holmes' Company incl. Pvt. Thomas Alexander.
p169: 1774 West Caln Land Owners incl. Francis Alexander
p170: 1774 Charlestown Land Owners incl. Joseph Alexander
p182: 1775-05 London Britain township boarder petitioners incl. William Alexander and John Alexander.
1725 first assessment of township incl. John Alexander, s. 9, d. 8.
1753 London Britain Taxables incl. John Alexander, and William Alexander.
1774 London Britain Land Owners incl. John Alexander, and William Alexander
p183: 1774 Londonderry Land Owners incl. John Alexander
p187: 1753 West Nantmeal Taxables incl. Francis Alexander
1774 West Nantmeal Land Owners incl. Francis Alexander.
p188: 1722 assessment of New Garden incl. Gabriel Alexander
p193: 1720 Land near Londongrove: 200 acres for Francis Alexander, 100 for Gabriel Alexander and despute with widow Susanna McCaine.
p195: 1725 New London Taxables incl. Gabriell Alexander and freemen, Zechariah Alexander.
1753 New London Taxables incl. poor men; Wm. Alexander.
1774 New London Land Owners incl. George Alexander.
p198: 1774 Nottingham Land Owners incl. Rob't Alexander.
1753 West Nottingham Taxables incl. John Alexander.

p643: 1726 land dispute between Alexanders (Gabriel and son Zackiackous) and neighbors, Wm and James MacKean

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